Good Content Answers Your Target Market's Questions

Content Creation is About Answering Questions

We always try to write posts in response to the questions we get from our clients and others about different aspects of digital marketing.  Your questions let us know what we need to share to help your businesses grow.

You create content to better reach your target market online.  You want to be found in the search engines, social media, and other places online where your target market is found.  The best way to make that happen is to identify the questions they have that relate to the product or service that you provide.  Then create content that answers them fully.  We’ve already written a post that details how to create the best type of content to completely answer the questions they have and do it better than others who might be doing the same thing.  So this post focuses on how to identify the questions they have.


Since you’re an expert on your industry, you should have some idea of what questions people have that relate to your industry.  So start by searching for those things and seeing what type of content comes up in the search results on page one.  Take notes of the good things others have done to have their content ranking that high.  They had to have done something right to be on the top page of Google.  Also, write down any holes in their content.  This could include details they don’t address or closely related questions they don’t answer that a person would obviously have.  This is important because you can fill those holes and answer the questions with your content, which automatically makes it more valuable to your target market.  Also look for where pictures and videos would really help round out the content and help people understand things better than just words can do.  People also gravitate to content where there are images and videos.  So there is almost no reason to not have them in the content you make.

Search Predictions

Next, see what Google pulls up when it tries to auto-complete your searches as you’re typing things in.  Google tries to guess what you might be searching for based on the words your typing in and what others have searched for with those same keywords.  In other words, Google is telling you the more common phrases others have searched for.  You can start typing in a question about something related to your industry.  See what questions others are looking for by what Google fills in.  Now you have a good idea of what questions people have about your industry.

Ask And it Shall be Made Known

Another great tactic is to ask your social media followers.  Post on Facebook and Twitter asking people about questions they might have about your products or services.  What information would help them feel more confident in choosing you over the competition?  You’d be surprised at how forthcoming some people will be about their questions, and that’s a good thing.  Keep track of the questions people are already asking in their normal interaction with your company. This gives you the information you’re seeking. Plus, customers like to know that you are actively concerned about them and the questions they have.  Being proactive about answering them will help build confidence in your company.

So keep looking for the questions your target market has.  Be the one they come to for all the right answers.  As always, let us know if you have any other questions about digital marketing.  We’re always happy to help.

April 27th, 2017
Digital Marketing

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