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Why All of Your Content Should be Posted on Your Site First

One of the big issues that we deal with regularly is that our clients will post content on multiple domains or mediums, before posting on their own site. Your own website, on a single domain name, needs to be the original source of everything you post. This includes subdomains. Just don’t do it. I’ve seen many use a subdomain for the use posting content, like a blog, doing something like Simply put your blog on a page of the main domain of your site, like The search engines separate subdomains from the root domain when it comes to domain authority.

No One Cares About 2nd Place

Google and Bing (the only search engines that really matter in the U.S.) are constantly indexing every page and pretty much every everything they can find. And they keep track of who posted what first, to make sure that proper clout (or credit) is given to the originator of the content. This unseen clout is part of what’s calculated by the algorithms that decide where pages show up in the search results. It’s important for many that we concentrate as much of this as possible on your site. So when you blog on a different domain, or post original content on other sources first.


The only allowable exception to this is videos that you upload to Youtube or the occasional guest post you might do for someone else. The Youtube exception is because most small businesses have difficulty hosting their own videos. Plus Youtube can often get more searches than actual Google on any given day, so having your video content there is always a good idea. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, Google owns Youtube. You know that everything posted there has a direct path to their search engines.

Guest Posts

The guest post exception gives you a great way to reach a wider than normal audience and get some good link juice pointing to your site when they reference you as the author of the guest content. If you want to blog on medium, or post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit or wherever; make sure that there’s a link in the description that references the page on your site where the content was originally posted. Not only does this make sure that the search engines know where to assign all of the ‘clout points’, but actual humans know as well. You can get actual traffic to your site through those links. Isn’t getting actual people to our site the reason we’re doing all of this in the first place?

#1 Rule: Put Out Fresh Content. No Matter What.

The last thing we’ll say about this is having no content is even worse than posting places other than your site first. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can post about something. I’ve heard the argument from multiple clients before that “no one cares what we say or do” or “our industry is too boring to share” or “I’m not good at that stuff”. The answers to those doubts are: wrong, wrong, it doesn’t matter – respectively. We could go into details of the reason for each of these, but it suffices to say that:

  1. More people would be interested than you think, and if nothing else, the search engines are listening.
  2. No matter your industry, you have competition and customers. Posting original content is a good way to win over both of them.
  3. You can either start and get better, have someone help you, or pay someone (like us) to do it for you.

If you can think of any other excuses, let us know. We dare you.


January 16th, 2017
Digital Marketing

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