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The Importance of Knowing Your Niche

As a digital marketing company, we have experienced many different businesses in many different industries. But every single company has one thing in common – a target market. Knowing your niche, and marketing to it specifically is very important. Too often business owners have trouble with this concept. They struggle to understand the importance of dominating their specific niche first, and then investing in controlled growth from there.

For example: Let’s say you have a little jewelry shop outside of Los Angeles, in Santa Monica. And you have created a line of unique gemstone rings that have become your biggest seller. What we too often see is the business owner wanting to go from little to no web presence, to being found on page 1 of the search engines for “Jewelry Store in Los Angeles”. They don’t understand the levels of competition, required budget, and geographic factors that would make this jump near impossible. So let’s break it down.

This paragraph is for businesses with a local area. The larger area of the market you wish to compete for, the larger the competition will be. Simple enough, right? So the wise thing to do would be to first establish yourself on your home turf. This varies depending on your area and how densely populated it is, and the number of competitors in that area. Also, Google and the other search engines will rank you higher for people searching for your product/service in your exact area. This could mean someone actually typing in the phrase “Santa Monica” or perhaps just Google sees that their IP address(location) is in Santa Monica. That would mean focusing solely on Santa Monica, and not even thinking about anything outside of that. At least not for a while, if ever, depending on the levels of competition and the growth of your business.

There are quite a few jewelry stores in Santa Monica, so narrowing your focus to keywords that encompass your gemstone rings would be a smart move. Apply this to whatever your banner product or service is. What do you do best? Find the detailed keyword phrases that are being searched that correlate with thing, in this case – gemstone rings. Then really go after them by focusing a majority of your efforts there. Depending on your budget and/or time, there might be another micro-niche or two that you can put some focus on as well. But usually we tell people to focus on one thing, and dominate it.

So focus on being the king of gemstone rings in Santa Monica, or whatever that equivalent is for your business. This will give you a much easier and well defined path to success. You can use this success to supplement further growth. People may find you for gemstone rings, and then buy other things from you once in your store or on your site. You can also leverage any following that you build in this niche to establish yourself in other niches. But remember, have a well researched and defined plan so that you don’t take on t more than you’re able.  If you have any questions in this area, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We’d be happy to help!

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June 29th, 2016

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