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Why is my eCommerce Site Getting Traffic but No Sales?

For many, getting people to visit a website is an end in and of itself. Visitors generate ad revenue and keep a site alive. If you run an eCommerce site, though, you know that getting visitors to come to your site is only the first part of a much longer battle. Many business owners have absolutely no problem getting people to their site, yet find themselves facing diminishing sales over time. You may ask, “Why is my eCommerce site getting traffic but no sales?” There are many reasons why this problem might occur, but they all have one thing in common – a lack of true conversion optimization. Understanding why people may visit your site without buying anything is your first step in understanding how you can better optimize your site.

Product Problems

Before we get into the issues on your site that can be fixed, it is always important to stop and look at your product before you start on your website. It’s always possible that the lack of sales on your site is related to a lack of interest in your product. Do a little bit of product research and find out if people are still buying from your competition and if your sales are in line with general online sales. If they aren’t, take a look at your pricing and shipping.

Issues with Reviews

Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your site and your product’s reputation? Many potential clients check out reviews before they make a purchase and negative reviews can turn them off of buying a product. Adding a simple review section to your own website can allow visitors to make up their mind without ever leaving your site. This can help you to convert more visitors to paying customers before they leave and lower your conversion rate.

Website Difficulties

It’s also possible that you’re losing out on potential sales because of technical issues on your website. Does your site have difficulty running on popular browsers? Is it slow to load? Does it experience significant downtime? These are all issues that can cause potential buyers to bounce away from your site directly after arrival. Taking some time to tighten up your site’s functionality can go a long way. It’s always a good idea to sit down after clearing your cache and cookies to run through your site to make sure everything is functioning. Use a site speed analyzer like gtmetrix look at things like the reliability and speed of your site if you notice that visitors are bouncing away before making purchases.

Problems With the Cart

Likewise, it’s also possible that your users are experiencing problems when checking out. Make sure that your cart is working perfectly at all times – users are likely to ditch everything if they experience any problems during checkout. Online shopping is supposed to be easy and most shoppers are willing to search a bit longer if they know their purchases will be handled correctly. If you aren’t happy with how your check-out process works, it’s guaranteed that your potential customers are being turned off by how it works.

Too Much Interference

Visitors are also unlikely to become customers if you require too much of them. If you think about it, you know that online shopping is generally preferred because it requires shoppers to do less work. If the customer has to sign up for a mailing list, register for a site, and check his or her email before purchasing, a good chunk of that ease-of-use is gone. We recommend making it as easy as possible for your customers to give you money – save data collecting and loyalty issues for later. If your customers can’t spend money with you, they’ll spend money with someone else.

Bad Design

Finally, you may be dealing with the very common problem of bad web design. One of the key tenets of conversion optimization is making it easier for your customers to spend money. It doesn’t matter how many splashy graphics or great testimonials are available on your site – if your visitors can’t figure out how to make a purchase, they won’t spend money. Make sure that the easiest thing to do on your site is to make a purchase, and you’ll see those numbers jump up.

If you are noticing that your conversion rate is dropping or lower than your industry standard, make sure to do a little introspection. Look at your site from the perspective of a potential customer and try to make sure to remove any obstacles in their way. With a little work, you can bring those sales numbers back up.

Tried these things and still have problems? Give us a call and talk to one of our conversion experts to get your sales where they should be.

April 20th, 2017

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