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The Importance of Targeted Landing Pages

One big mistake we see with a lot of clients, is the lack of targeted landing pages. Companies will spend money doing Adwords/PPC, Social Media Ads, and other digital marketing campaigns, and then just send them all to the home page or some other generic page on their site. Then they get frustrated when the ROI (Return On Investment) for that campaign is lower than they expected. To have a successful digital marketing campaign, you need targeted landing pages for each of your market segments. Here’s why:

Not all customers are the same.

Almost no business has just one market segment they should market to. Different people have different motivations for buying the same product or service. A market segment is a section of your potential customers that can be grouped together by an identifiable characteristic or set of characteristics. Even if you just sell one thing, there are different reasons people have for buying it. Your first job is to list what those reasons are.

Know what your different market segments are looking for.

Once you’ve made a list of all the different reasons someone would want to use your product or service, then you need to create a list of market segments based on those reasons. Some of the reasons could be closely associated and can be grouped together in the same market segment, which would allow you to create specific campaigns and a landing page that targets that segment. A good way to help you in this is to ask current and former customers to determine what the main selling points were for them. This insight will be invaluable in creating your market segments and landing pages.

Give them what they’re looking for.

The best salesmen tailor their sales pitch to fit the person they’re talking to. The best marketing campaigns do the same thing. Since you’re not going to be face-to-face with your potential customers online, you need to funnel them into the landing page that speaks to their wants and needs. Even if the ultimate goal is to get them on the phone or in the store, you still need to convince them to take that action. The more you can speak to the things they’re specifically looking for, the better the odds are of them taking that desired action.

Each landing page should focus on the main points that speak to that market segment, while briefly highlighting any other selling points as well. How this is executed varies from situation to situation, but the overall principle stays the same. For any questions about how to execute or get help with landing pages and the campaigns that drive traffic to them, just ask us. We’re always happy to help.

May 4th, 2017

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