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How to Leverage Video in Marketing Your Business

You have a video that you’ve made for your business or the company you work for. You’ve spent many hours and dollars getting right (you hope). You’ve watched it countless times and love it (you hope again). So now what?

Perhaps you made the video for specific purpose. Maybe it was to put on your homepage, or to explain what you do, or to introduce a new product or service, or maybe you did it just because you were convinced it was a good idea to invest marketing dollars in video (you were right to do so). Whatever the purpose behind it, it’s now time to leverage that great piece of content (still optimistically hoping) to broaden our both our reach and return on investment. So here are the ways you can take further advantage of the video you now have.

  1. Put it on Youtube (if you haven’t already). Youtube is by far the biggest video hub online. According to some statistics, Youtube gets more searches than Google does some days. If you have any ideas about your target market not being on Youtube, do yourself a favor and forget those erroneous thoughts. If you don’t already have a business Youtube account, create one, and then post the video on it. We’ll cover how to do that in more detail later, but for now, this article will help you.
  2. Next, post to as many social media sites as you can. Make sure you post it from your official business account. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the major ones to start with. It’s easy to create accounts with each of these, so don’t let that stop you. Make sure you have a link to your site (best correlating landing page) in the description, and use relevant hashtags to help your content spread in those networks better.
  3. Once you’ve posted it on your own business accounts in social media, look for groups in Facebook and LinkedIn that strongly indicate your target market, and post them in those groups. You’ll have to, and want to, join those groups first, but that’s a good thing. Being a part of those groups will get you better brand recognition and keep you more in touch with potential customers.
  4. Use it in an email campaign. If you think the video would be interesting to the people whose email addresses you have, send it out to them. People are much more likely to watch a video than read almost anything else you send them.

These four simple steps will help you leverage the video content you’ve created, and increase your ROI. On top of that, your branding, SEO, and customer engagement will all benefit.

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September 23rd, 2016
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