why you needa regularly updated blog for your business

Why You Need a Blog and to Post On It Regularly

A blog. You know what it is, and you’ve seen it on a majority of the sites you’ve been to. But do you know it’s one of the best tools for digital marketing a small to medium size business can employ? Well, it is – and for more than one reason. So if you don’t have a blog on your company’s site, buckle up, because you’re about to want one.  If you already have one, here are some reasons to post to it regularly.

  1. They’ll never know if you don’t tell them. Why do you do what you do? What do you think people need to know most about your industry? Why should potential customers come to you instead of your competition? If you’re truly invested into what you do, you probably have some pretty good answers to the above questions. Those answers would all make great blog posts. And what’s even more important is that those and many other questions often go unanswered. If your target market had those answers, and got them from you, would your market share increase? I bet it would.
  2. You’re a passionate expert, so prove it. This builds right off #1. Establishing yourself and/or your company as an authority or thought leader in your space is important. People like to at least feel like they’re dealing with an expert. It gives them confidence. Confidence fuels the economy. Ask anyone with Wall Street experience. One of the best ways to establish your expertise and provide buyer-confidence is to publish original content relevant to your industry under you brand (your blog). You don’t have to brag about knowledge, just be helpful in passing on some wisdom.
  3. It will give you the answer just when you need it. Every company has at least a handful of questions that they get over and over – questions that take longer than a sentence or two to fully answer – questions that might be a little complicated and can weigh heavily in the decision making of a potential customer. What if you could deliver the perfect answer every time to every person? You can. Put the answer in a blog post. Write it out exactly as you’ve always wanted to tell it, down to the very last detail. Even if there are times you still need to answer it in person, writing it down to perfection will help you better organize your thoughts and more eloquently and powerfully deliver the message face to face. Yes, there are FAQ’s that you can put on your site, and parts of these posts can turn into FAQ’s while helping you organize your thoughts. But there are some questions that require more than just a few lines that the FAQ attention span can hold. You can even be proactive, when possible, and send a link to the posts to leads/clients/employees before the questions actually come. That’s right, I included employees in there. You can also use them for training purposes. Did we just help you free up time in the future? I think we did.
  4. The search engines will love you, or at least like you. Search engines look for frequent fresh content. People use search engines because they trust that they’ll get relevant and accurate answers to their queries. There’s that word “trust” again. And trust rolls down hill. Google, Bing, and the rest need to know they can trust putting you higher up in the search results; trust you with their users. People want the most up-to-date information. If you have not been updating your site and putting in new information, you’re less likely to have what the people want. There is so much more that goes into SEO than that simple concept, but it’s a factor that cannot be ignored.
  5. You’ll have something to share. With every blog post, you have great content to spread throughout whatever social networks you have a presence in. And if you don’t really have a social presence, now you can. Find where your target market is gathering in the various social networks, and share links to relevant posts you’ve written. Upping your social media game has been proven to help with SEO, brand awareness, customer acquisition, brand loyalty, increased marketing ROI, and a lot of other good things. You no longer have the excuse of “I don’t know what I would post”.

So as you can see, a blog is a good idea. A well kept blog is an even better one. And even if for some crazy reason you still think you don’t need a blog, trust us, you’re wrong. You do. But either way, the conversation doesn’t need to end here. We’re here to answer your questions and help you create a plan going forward. Let us know how we can help your blog.

December 15th, 2016
Digital Marketing

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