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One Mistake Everyone Is Making With Web Traffic

So you are selling a product or a service on the internet, congratulations! But, are you getting the sales you think you deserve each month? Probably not. Did you know that according to
Econsultancy only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates? Getting web traffic to your website is one thing, but getting customers to pull out their wallets is another story for most business owners. Fortunately, we have a simple solution that can cure most of your conversion woes, check it out!

The One Mistake You Are Probably Making

According to Sales Cycle, 74% of online shoppers in the United States abandon their shopping cart before making a purchase. If you own an e-commerce store this is a horrifying statistic, one that many online business owners have yet to overcome. Many of them spend thousands of marketing dollars each year to get web traffic to their website only to come up short. So why aren’t people buying? The mistake most business owners make is they send the vast majority of their traffic to the home page. This tactic is less than effective because it isn’t personal to the visitors you are bringing in. For example, let’s say you sell both men’s and women’s clothing online. Sending all your web traffic to the main page of your website isn’t very personal to what he or she may want to purchase. By doing this you are putting all your faith in the patience of those web visitors to browse your store to find what they are looking for.

Leveraging the Power of the Landing Page

Instead of sending all of your web traffic to one destination tailor the experience your visitors get based on their needs using custom landing pages. Custom landing pages are great because they can be very specific to the audience you are targeting, leading to higher conversion rates. For example, if you are targeting men that are shopping for fashionable clothing you should create a specific page for men to landing page optimizationland on. Keep in mind this particular landing page is fairly generic but you get the idea. Frank & Oak sells clothing for both men and women but by targeting them separately they are able to achieve more sales than if they sent everyone to the home page. The main concept to always remember is to serve your visitors the most relevant content possible. Trying to cram a thousand visitors that are male and female of all ages onto one web page is bound to spell disaster for your brand.

If you’ve never created a landing page before and you aren’t a developer that’s okay! There are several affordable landing page services out there such as Instapage that allow you to create your own.

Split Testing

Now that you understand the importance of landing pages and segmenting your web traffic let’s dive a little deeper! Split testing is a very effective digital marketing practice to get the most out of your paid traffic campaigns. Instead of simply using one or two landing pages for your audience, test out different formats for your audience to see what performs best. Keep in mind – you should run one test at a time so you don’t muddle your results; and you should test one variable at a time. For example, the landing page example above from Frank & Oak had a red call to action button. A simple test would be to change the color of the button to see if you get a higher conversion rate or not. These tests might sound a little tedious but it’s worth it, over time you will be able to optimize the performance and these pages and reap the rewards.

December 8th, 2016

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