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How to Use Images to Boost Your Social Media, and In Turn Your SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But in social media marketing, a picture may be worth twice as many “likes” as a post with just words. The benefits of using social media for your business are many. We’ll be going into more detail about those later. But today’s post is going to focus on how to leverage images in your social media.

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for any time at all, you’ve probably noticed that the amount of posts that have images or video attached to them has risen dramatically. There are many reasons for that. But the main reason is that pictures get people’s attention much more on average than just text copy. Think about the last time you were scrolling through your feed and what caught your eye. It was probably the images that caught your eye the most when you were skimming through. Especially since businesses don’t generally have the advantage of the personal relationships that friends and family, you have have to do more to catch and keep their attention. Media is a must to accomplish that. And that leads us directly to our first tip.

  1. If you’re going to share good content, make sure has a good image to go with it. You might have some great information that your target audience would love to read, but they could be missing it due to it never catching their eye. Pair it with a graphic that does it justice and then get it out there. Think of the image as the sign that gets someone to come into the store. You can make this digital “sign” to be whatever you want. Think of something creative and eye-catching to go along with your content. Having something generic and boring only solves half of the problem.
  2. One easy way to incorporate images into your social media is to share quotes in images. You can easily overlay a quote onto an image of something that relates to your business in some way. Many businesses will share quotes from positive reviews they’ve received. Need help visualizing this? Simply go to a search engine (Google or Bing will do), and search for “quote graphics”. Click on the image results. You’ll get a lot of good examples.
  3. Share pictures of your customers. People love to see themselves in the media. This could be tv, newspaper, radio, or online pictures and video. They’ll be sure to share it themselves as well. That’s instant publicity. Feature a picture of a valued customer with a caption telling the story of the relationship between the two of you. You could even use a picture of the customer in the background with a quote from them about your business overlaid on top as a quote graphic. Showing people that you care and have built personal relationships with your customers goes a long way to building public trust and brand loyalty.
  4. Do you have a list of facts as to why your product or service is better than your competition? Then you should create an infographic portrays this information in a visually pleasing way. Not exactly sure how what an infographic is or what one for your industry would look like? Then do a search online for “(your industry) infographic”. You should see plenty of examples in the search results. You don’t even have to toot your own horn if you don’t want to. You can just make an infographic about some interesting facts regarding your industry. Simply gather information people might like to know that relates to your products/services and concisely present it in a visually appealing way. Again, look at infographics that have already been done, and use color schemes and styles from ones that you like and adapt them to your own new graphic.

A great side benefit to all of this is that more interaction with your business on social media are great boosts for your SEO as well. The search engines look at traffic and shares from social media and factor that into their algorithms. It should also turn into more direct searches for your business, which is great for SEO as well.

We understand that most of you probably don’t have the graphic design skills to do a lot of these things. And that’s ok. We here at Yellow Pages Digital don’t have the expertise that many of you have in your perspective fields. That’s why we hire people who do. Let us know if we can help in your endeavor to make you marketing more “picture perfect”. We can seamlessly integrate all kinds of images into your marketing plan.

There is always a way to include a graphic with your post. If you’re struggling for an image to pair with a post, see what others in your industry have done. Give us a call or shoot us an email and ask us. We’d be happy to help.

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September 28th, 2016
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