Video Marketing: Shorter is Sweeter

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine the millions of words a video is worth!  As experts in online SEO business marketing, we know, without a doubt, that using videos effectively can increase business dramatically. The internet delivers billions of searches every day. Moreover, consumers (ourselves included!) are constantly being bombarded with words and images specifically tailored to catch our attention. One amazing way to cut through the noise is to deliver a quick, concise message through a quality video. As you learn more about the value of video marketing, you can then apply this idea to your own business and watch it flourish.


Social Media Videos


A vast majority of internet users utilize some form of social media platform. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, these sites boast hundreds of millions of active monthly users, with Facebook and Youtube coming in the lead with over a billion active users each. These staggering numbers exemplify the marketing potential of social media.


Why should we focus on videos in general? While Twitter does focus on words and pictures, every other social platform shows preference to video. Facebook newsfeed (you know, the thing everyone scrolls through for hours?) gives videos preference over worded statūs. That means that overall, on the biggest social media platform, your marketing has a better chance of being viewed if it is a video. 1.55 billion users have a better chance of viewing your video, as opposed to a worded status or a picture. Also, as we’ve noticed, videos most commonly get viral status!


Youtube, the second most popular platform, boast a billion monthly users, and is purely focused on videos. With the two largest social media platform focusing on, and thriving with videos (Instagram recently added videos, and Twitter boasts limited Vine videos), the message this sends is clear–videos can both catch and keep viewer attention.


Catch Some Attention


A different video is going viral all the time. With tons of videos vying for a viewer’s attention, how should yours stand out? Take some time to review your video ideas, and see if they can catch attention and viewer interest. Some of the more poignant videos start out with soul-searching questions, while funny videos have a “wait for it…” quality in either the caption or a beginning shot. Whatever method you go for, you should quickly get to that point. User’s attention can fade if their interest isn’t peaked within the first few seconds. Take advantage of those first view seconds to the best of your ability!


Focus on the Message


What message are you trying to get across? Consult with your digital marketing team to see which message would best catch a viewer’s attention while still displaying information about your small business. Focus on that message and the way you want your audience to perceive it. If you are going for a touching message, make sure your video stays on target about your message. If the video is a related topic to your business, but not about your business, make sure to put your company name and logo flashing through a few frames at the beginning and at the end.


Keep it Short


While a few videos can hold viewer’s attention for minutes, don’t assume that your message can also do so. Buzzfeed videos, famously cranking out attention-grabbing and interest-holding videos, keep theirs to about two minutes or less. However, you aren’t a company with hundreds of viral videos to your name, so we would suggest something a bit shorter.


Treat your video like an elevator pitch. Make every shot count, and trim down extra, unnecessary time-takers. Attention can be lost in those slow moments, so it is best to just cut them out. Try to keep your videos to a minute or under, with under being the ideal. You can get your message across effectively in thirty seconds? Perfect! Make it the best thirty seconds you can.
Tapping into the social media marketing goldmine of videos can be hard, yet rewarding. Videos can catch lots of attention both locally and globally through the internet and social media. Keeping your message clear and concise will help you both catch your potential viewer’s attention, and keep it!

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June 8th, 2016
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